About Us


Three simple words. Three words that defined our youth more than any others. Three words from which a store was born.
Sure you could just call us another fashion store but we like to think that Fashion Music Friends is more about just buying clothes. We think it’s about the life these clothes will lead, the places they’ll go, the gigs, the parties, days out (and the days in), the stories they’ll share, the amazing people that will wear them and the trends they’ll create. The music they'll live by and the sounds of their journey.

Fashion. Music. Friends. These are not just words, they are vehicles of expression. They are a way of life.
They create connections and empower us to explore the world with open ears, wide eyes and generous hearts.
They tell the universe who we are.
Whilst world domination did cross our minds, we thought we’d just start with offering you – our future friends - great quality clothes, at great prices to the sound of great music!
I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone.
Henry Rollins



Everyone is unique. Everyone is special. Everyone is an expression.
We dedicate this to all of you that are true. To every fashion idealist, trendsetter, blogger, social butterfly. To every dancefloor legend, every Rocker, Signer or DJ who ever rocked a party. To every kid on the street who had a story to tell about their first designer outfit, first vinyl record or first best friend ever. This is for you…


Shopping for clothes is something we take for granted. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Not everybody finds it to be a fun, confidence building experience. The fashion industry is dominated by huge companies and massive brands with powerfully influential marketing and advertising campaigns which do little to improve the self-image of a highly body conscious youth. We think all this can be a little intimidating.

Whilst it might only be a first world problem, we thought it was one that didn’t need to exist.
Amber started Fashion Music Friends to help change that. Whilst we can’t stop mass media we can change your shopping experience. We believe shopping for clothes can be fun, inspiring, easy and confidence building. It should leave you happy, good-looking and empowered about the way you look and express yourself.

Everyone is unique. Everyone is special. Everyone is an expression.


Singer/songwriter, Stylist & Fashion trendsetter. Amber has an enviable career history of juxtaposing music and fashion seamlessly resulting in collaborations with some of Australia’s biggest brands, fashion retailers and musicians. Initially working with a host of prominent Australian fashion labels in wholesale operations, Amber established her own label back in 2004. She then went on to drive the successful wholesale growth of a number of burgeoning local and international fashion labels which lead to consulting roles for fashion retail clients and personal styling.

With a wealth of knowledge behind her Amber established Fashion Music Friends to inspire and empower free-thinking, fashion forward and not-so-fashion-forward youth to express themselves with confidence. Initially a week long Pop-Up concept in Bondi’s Gould Street, Amber took over the old Ksubi store creating a stir among the locals selling a small collection of pieces from her own wardrobe. 6 months later, Sydney’s fashion capital - Paddington beckoned and the Fashion Music Friends store was born.

Working tirelessly, Amber draws on her experience to bring you a highly curated collection of the very best upcoming and emerging design talent from Australia's burgeoning fashion scene. Every label is specifically chosen for its vision, quality, forward-thinking attitude and distinctive style. Her approach to merchandising and diversity of brands has resulted in an unapologetically fun, musically driven and socially expressive shopping experience which underlies her vision.
Turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!
Fashion Music Friends Team.