Music is the answer to your problems

Hey Friends, 
We hope you're all doing well. 

As it's coming to the end of Feb, we would like to celebrate going into the Month of March and making this month dedicated to music. Because why? Music is what makes the world go around. Music connects us to each other, to our culture and our journeys in life.

Music is there for us through good times and bad and now more than ever we need music and only good vibes. 

We listen to music when we are in our mother's womb, we listen to it when we are in the house as a kid growing up with our families.

We listen to it in the car, at school, in church, through meditations, at the gym, out eating, in a club, the list goes on and now more than ever we listen to it in the palm of our hands from our phones and earphones. 

Louis Armstrong once said
'Music is life itself'.  

Music really is the best way to spend any part of your day. When you need a pick me up, to feel good you play something fun, when you need a moment to yourself you play something that really let's you let go.

You listen to it with friends, you dance and have fun, you listen to it when you have a cry and just want to be on your own. 

No matter where you are in the world everyone knows and understands what music is, maybe not by the words, if it's sung in other languages, but by the rhythm and what feeling it gives your mind and body.

Music comes in many different forms of how it is played and how it sounds, but in general, music is a part of life and in all our cultures and its what connects us all as one. 

music quote

We would love to share with you our very own Fashion Music Friends Playlist available to listen on Spotify. It's been running as long as us so lets say around the last 7yrs now and we live by this playlist daily.

We have curated all our favourite tracks and even have given you categories to listen to them when you feel you need something from Monday-Sunday or need workout tunes, mindful tunes, cooking tunes, chilling out tunes and a whole lot more. 

You will also be able to here some of my own music I have released over the years, it's a mix of House, Electronic, Music, definitely tunes the whole family can listen and bop along to. 


So please follow us here:
Check it out, have a boogie and share some pics of you listening to it with us on instagram or Facebook stories.

You can find us here:
Sending all our love and good vibes to you all this week. 
Let's all keep on going and rocking and rolling! 

Much Love Amber +
The FMF Team xx

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