If we can't wear activewear we're not going!

Hi Friends,

Hope you all had an awesome May and having a great start to June...

And whatever you are working on with yourself, life, work, business, family or just the daily run of things like getting out of bed, I hope when you read this blog you remind yourself how awesome you are doing and remember that good and bad days come and go and to never give up, keep plugging away at what you are working as things will become easier each step you take a long the way, just as long as you are taking those steps and they don't have to be BIG one's, start with baby steps and. eventually you will look back and see how far you've come and realise you have actually taken BIGGER steps all along. 

To help you on the way with your journey in life and whatever you are working on our active collection helps take away the decision making process that lets face it most of us always feel is a stressful part in the day. When we wake up in the morning we have so many decisions to make can be with the family, kids, school drop offs, to work appointments, making time for workouts, grocery shopping cooking, the daily run of our lives really. 

For us it was about taking away the stress of this and building a collection that can take you from morning to night. Activewear pieces that can really be worn and styled for your everyday needs. 

So as our tag line is 'If we can't wear activewear we're not going' it really does mean this overall. 

Life can be complicated with many things personal, professional but your outfit doesn't have to be. Overtime we have become super busy with our day to day for everything, so for us it was about taking the stress away for all of that and giving you something you feel and look great in. 

Shop our styles below and leave us a comment below and tell us a little more about your life and the things you find stressful in the day when you need to plan outfits for fitness and work and catch ups with friends and how you manage all of this with your outfits and the thinking process for this as we would love to know more. 
Shop our styles here. 


And remember you yourself as much as anyone else deserve to be happy and spend less time worrying and sweating the small stuff.. So let's work on creating an easier lifestyle with your wardrobes and get you into pieces you look great and feel comfortable in, but that can take you from day to know also. 


Much love and good vibes. 
Amber + The FMF Team xx


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