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 Hi Friends, 

I hope you are all having a great week. This week on the blog we wanted to share with you something special about Fashion Music Friends.

When we started our brand we created a community within Fashion, Music and Friends, for us it has always been about building a culture and a strong community within our brand that made us feel as if we were giving something back.

We achieved this by holding weekly and monthly events in store, from networking nights that gave our locals a chance to come together and join us for an evening over delicious local food from our neighbouring venues. It was through these events that our customers met as strangers and by the end of the evening left as friends. 


It went from networking nights, styling weekends, Dj's and live music, to selling donuts from our local favourites all weekend. We held fashion collection launches, new music releases, book signing nights and local art exhibitions.  

As corona times kicked in we recreated what we did in store and drove this online by speaking to our customers direct, catching up and chatting with them or hosting live chats on social media. I even obtained a Zumba license and started online workouts to get our community up and going in these difficult times.

Whatever we did it was about creating a culture at Fashion Music Friends to give our lovely customers who are more like our family and friends, a place they could call home, which was our physical store, or a place to chat and share our aspirations through our online channels. 



We always felt that in a world that was changing so dramatically and people were so unsure of the future that we wanted to remain the constant in your lives. You could log onto our website to chat with us or join us in our live chats and still feel a part of the Fashion Music Friends community.

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said "change is the only constant in life". This means change is always happening, it's unavoidable, but Fashion Music Friends is there with you and always will be.

Thanks for
taking the time to read our blog post, we hope you've enjoyed reading this. Feel free to skip back and check out our other blogs and leave a comment and let us know what you think. 
Much love and good vibes. 
Amber and the FMF Team xx

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