Being Active is the new fashion...

Hi Friends, 
Hope you're all doing well and looking after yourselves. 

This week on the blog we wanted to share some positive messages around our physical and mental health. We wanted to remind everyone that how important these things are and why you should find things that you love doing and that get you up motivated and going. 

This could be, walking, running, riding a bike, taking a yoga or pilates class, going to the gym, dancing, Zumba, swimming, whatever it is, it's just important to find something you love and something that will get you up and going. 

Throw on your favourite activewear, listen to your favourite tunes, move your body and don't stop moving. It's great for the soul, your mental and physical health will benefit so much from doing the things you love and enjoy while moving your body. 

Music is the answer to your problems, it helps us through good times and bad. We have our Fashion Music Friends playlist we created 7yrs ago with some of the best playlists for you to workout with, check it out! 


And for your activewear threads,

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Having cute, comfy and easy to wear Activewear is the best feeling. It helps keep you motivated when you have something on that you look and feel great in. 
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Remember life can be tough some days, but for every hard day there is always something to be grateful for...

And because of this, always know that something even better is on the way to you, so you must not give up! KEEP ON GOING and do things that will get you feeling and looking great on inside and out. 

Much love and good vibes. 
Amber and the FMF Team. xx



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